Building in the future

I recently travelled to Stockholm and saw an exhibition about the architectural practice of Dorte Mandrup. The project that stood out to me was The Whale, a visitor/research centre 300 km north of the Arctic Circle with a structure resembling that of a breaching whale. It prompted me to explore how architects are using generativeAI to bring new projects to life, and how generative AI is changing the design process for young architects. (Read more)

Succeed this summer internship

Starting a new internship or rotational program can be both exciting and intimidating. As a rotational Product Manager, I change teams every six months and am learning strategies to onboard quickly so I make the most of each opportunity. I hope students starting an internship or rotational program will find these tips especially helpful. (Read more)

iMessage Stickers: A step-by-step guide

I rely on iMessage, WhatsApp, and FaceTime to keep in touch with home while living abroad. When I learned that anyone could create an iMessage sticker pack, I was quick to make my own and connect with my long-distance family and friends. I’ve outlined the process in this article (Xcode Version 14.2) so you can, too. 

OpenArt: Into the future of personalized artificial intelligence

This year, artificial intelligence and image generation flourished. I have been following a new entrant in this field — OpenArt. OpenArt is a new platform for “AI art enthusiasts” that is building infrastructure to create, discover, and monetize AI-generated art. I try out their new feature to train a text-to-image model of my dog. (Read more

The 300-Year-Old Machine Learning Model

Google’s Doodle in honor of composer J.S. Bach highlights the crossovers between music and computer science. The Doodle uses machine learning to harmonize a melody in the style of Bach. It productizes a machine learning model to incite creativity yet reveals challenges with computer-generated music that continue to puzzle scientists and composers. (Read more)