Virtual reality

Product manager on Quest for Business, Meta's work solution announced at Meta Connect 2023

Augmented reality

Product manager on Spark AR, Meta's augmented reality platform. Leading a team that is building developer tools to incubate the future of augmented reality apps. Developer tools I worked on launched at Meta Connect 2023

Mixed reality

Vortic is the art world's leading augmented and virtual reality technology provider. As a Project Manager at Vortic, I led partnerships with international fairs (including Frieze and Untitled Art Fair), museums, and galleries. 

open-ended design

open-ended design is an incubator for technology, culture, and design. We host a podcast and conferences on AI, robotics, creativity, and design. I joined the team in 2022 to advance research, content, and strategy. 


I'm excited about the future of podcasting and audio. I work on open-ended design's podcast to platform conversations on AI, robotics, creativity, and design. I managed the production and release of a multi-episode series about imagination, creativity, and technology recorded live at the London Design Festival. 

Open source projects

My open source contributions include Pedalboard, Spotify's framework for audio effects. I wrote tutorials, an installation guide, and documentation to encourage new contributors with the aim of increasing participation in open source communities. 


As an undergraduate student, a team and I founded DreamTune. DreamTune is a tool that identifies and issues copyright licenses for music using social media data. We worked in partnership with SOCAN (Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada), Canada's copyright and music licensing organization. 

Academics and research

As co-chair of the Women in Computer Science conference (2022) hosted by the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, I organized workshops, panels, student lightning talks, a poster session, and career fair. I led this project while studying at the University of Oxford.